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A bit about me….

OK, this is where you get very bored as i will tell you about me. I am 31 years old and i have been married to my husband for one year. We live in a very nice house in Bangkok that we both work very hard to pay for. My husband is from England and we have been together for almost three years. 

We recently had a baby. His name is Tyler. Right now, he is 3 and half months old and he is the most special thing in our lives. He’s so much fun and we just love to spend time with him.

When we’re not working or spending time with Tyler, me and my husband like to be together. We either stay at home, go shopping or somewhere nice for the weekend. When we do go away, we love to have lots of sexy fun. We just cam back from a beach weekend and my husband took lots of very sexy photo’s of me behind some bushes while there were people on the beach. It was so nervous, but i was so horny at the same time! I can’t wait to do that again! You will see some of the photos on here very soon.

WE both love sex and anything sexy. I love to dress like a slut when we go out, no underwear and short skirts, heels. When we’re home i wear sexy lingerie and my high heels to walk around the house. He loves it and i can see the big bulge in his pants!! I love to suck his cock and let him fuck my face before he fucks me in any other hole he wants.

Porn really turns me on too. I love to look at really sexy porn and my favourites are threesomes (my fantasy) public nudity and public fucking (I want to do it and get caught!), lesbian (I am really bi-sexual so any hot girls that want to play with me, let me know) and pretty much anything else. I love to watch a girl getting fucked really hard, it makes me cum so much…. I will post photo’s of what turns me on so you can all imagine my playing with my pussy as i’m looking at them :)

So this little bit of the net will be mine. I will post photo’s of me, some sexy, some normal, and will tell you all about what me and my husband get up to. If you like what i write please let me know and i hope you enjoy my photo’s.


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